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He still lost most of them — just not as resoundingly as Clinton did again, I think this was first and foremost a failing of the Clinton campaign, not an indication of demographic realignment or nefarious forces.

Stop focusing on personalities! We should oppose any policy that fosters racism. So what does this moment say about our country?

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It is also difficult to get about his exacts personal bio, because the man kept it under cover or too much secret. Water under the bridge.

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He is standing with his tall height of 5 feet 8 inches and over 61 kg of weights and also has a well-maintained body with fit and healthy. Easy to see in hindsight, but some pretty smart people Michael Moore, Nate Silver, … were actually pretty loud about it in the last three months of the campaign.

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A large group of voters felt listened to and understood by Trump. This did not help. What matters to me is the way our country responds to this moment. Again, in retrospect, this was a brilliant diversion — Trump got us off our game. Those same voters felt vilified by Clinton. We have no idea yet what the chapter itself is going to say.

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It is hard to tell that whether he was married or not, either he has a wife or engaged with his girlfriend, either dating someone, or sexuality is a gay. How should we respond? I suggest people precommit to their views on politics and society now.

As Democrats, what should we do now?

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But many good people still live in a pretty segregated world. Better jobs policies can and will win back these voters in future elections. He was born in Glenview, Illinois, U.

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This was posted on Twitter during the 2nd debate. Love by helping our neighbors, even those we disagree with. It suggests that a lot of people are willing to support a nationalist candidate, and a lot of other people really hate that candidate.

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Trump reached them and Clinton ignored them except when she insulted them. We should call out hatred and racism and injustice wherever we see it.

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She lost fair and square. Love by standing with a powerless stranger who feels threatened. The letters sent home from the principal and the sermons you hear on Sunday will be less likely to use strenuously inclusive language like people of color, because the community is less diverse.

If it makes the world better, support it.

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So we can't say anything pat foley dating him, without his official announced, except Foley will reveal soon much more about himself on the media. We allowed ourselves to be snookered by a master at controlling the conversation. Read longer form, too, not just tweets. The results of the election support this.

Be friends with more people in real life, not just on social media.