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The fishbowl is somewhat too small as even in the middle of the afternoon there are so many girls they are almost sitting on one another. Videos of Nightlife in Chiang Mai.

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Read More Sat Aug 18 at Soaked Real Strip Club Stories: Of course there are many more great bars in Chiang Mai to have a relaxed drink or two without being surrounded by young Thai girls in short skirts one minute after you sat down, but the above mentioned ones are my favorite places and should give you a good start.

Grab a partner, come up with a creative name, and sign your team up.

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We had one girl that spent a good portion of the night, in our party room, just walking around naked. Drinks are slightly more expensive with beers around Baht. I was leaning against my friends Jeep and she was blowing me under the moonlight. Girls will ask 1, to 2, Baht for short time if you take them to your place straight away.

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Read More Fri Aug 24 at Exercising and playing sports increase the flow of oxygen in the body. Pandora must have had better times. The main hot spot for street hookers in Chiang Mai is the area around the Tha Phae Gate, especially along the canal just south of the gate see the photo, and the map below for the location.

Do you have what it takes? I told her to crawl under the table and handed her the bottle. Venture into an intoxicating world never before allowed on camera. It's more about self-improvement, beating one's own record every day every moment.

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It almost looks like an Irish Bar so you can have a relaxed drink with the girls not being too pushing. Being not just the cultural but also economic center of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai attracts young Thai girls from all over the region to either study there or to find work in one of the big or small companies or in the male-oriented entertainment industry.

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If you thought the strippers were naughty on the stage, wait till you see what they did when they got off of it. Of course you can also walk out again without paying any more than the bill for your beverages beers around Baht.

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Uncensored and in explicit detail. Sexy strip club parties.

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Breakfast, lunch, water, and drinks furnished. Spotlight A Go Go Even though the girls are more average at this go go compared to foxy lady, Spotlight A Go Go can be a lot of fun too as it has a more relaxed atmosphere.

Prices are, as always, negotiable. They are divided into four groups: Pool games are usually free when buying drinks, just a couple of places charge the standard 20 Baht per game. While every sport follows different rules, participating in sports activities will help your brain take decisions faster. Standard prices are Baht for Thai massage and Baht for oil massage.

It helps us to gain the sportsmanship attitude not just towards game but towards life.